It’s not where you’re at, it’s where you’re going!

The Pro Edge Difference: We Say What We Are Going to Do and We Do It!

Our Story

If this website doesn’t look like any other sports management website, that’s because we aren’t like any other sports management company.

Founder Steve Canter, a licensed attorney since 1990, created Pro Edge Sports Management more than 25 years ago. Blessed with a creative mind, Pro Edge sprouted from his authentic vision and mission to create a different type of agency, experience and stereotype.

Raised by a surgeon, he was taught the fundamental importance of doing things the right way the first time and keeping your promises. With this DNA imprinted upon him, he made it his mission to deliver genius services that were polished and punctual.

When you hire Pro Edge, you’re hiring more than a sports agency; you’re hiring geniuses who share the same vision with its founder.

Genius Services

The Pro Edge team is composed of geniuses with specific areas of knowledge who help maximize every opportunity for our clients. This allows our clients to focus on maximizing their various intersections throughout their careers and beyond. Simply put, we will create a brilliant game plan for you and then carry it out. That’s the Pro Edge Difference!

Once you’ve acquired the Pro Edge Difference, you will be surrounded by genius consultants who will provide you with second to none service. Whatever it is you need, our genius consultants will keep you far ahead of the competition. Our goal is for you to seamlessly focus on making it to the highest level while we provide the highest quality service.

Our genius services include but are not limited to:
• Major League Free Agency Salary Arbitration
• The MLB Draft
• Sports Marketing at Professional Level
• NIL Connections
• Equipment
• Advice on possible Medical Services
• Moving Assistance
• Coaching at the Plate, The Field and on the Mound
• Advice on Mental Skills

Steve and our genius consultants have had a major impact on the baseball business. We’ve experienced ground breaking success with the MLB draft and salary arbitration as well as in free agency in the US and Asia. Pro Edge continues to leave a large footprint in baseball and beyond with the Disney film “The Rookie.” Steve, who was a hired consultant with Disney on the film, visualized Jim Morris’ life story on the big screen before anybody else did and was the architect of the film and book deals as well as Jim’s public speaking career. “The Rookie” was developed into a 150-million-dollar property and became the first ever recipient of the ESPY for Sports Film of the Year. The film is now featured in a section of the Baseball Hall of Fame.



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